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    Hello Flex Drivers

    We are a team of developers in the early stages of developing an App that can automatically swipe and accept blocks for you. Instead of spending countless hours trying to get a block, the APP will monitor blocks posted while refreshing your screen automatically, and push the ACCEPT button, if you so wish. We are looking for a wish list / feature requests you believe you would benefit from, if you could enhance the FLEX app.

    Also, we are interested in hearing how much would you pay on a monthly basis to have this app installed? Would you pay 18$ a month for not having to swipe and stare at your phone in an attempt to get a block? We would like to provide this as a free APP to download, but as a monthly subscription. – 18$ a month represents 0.6 cents a day. – That is, would you pay $0.60 cents a day for not having to occupy your hands and eyes trying to catch a block?

    While the “First in First out” rule still applies to blocks being posted by Amazon (that is, no guarantee you will be the first one to grab that block , even when the APP pushes the ACCEPT button) your greately increase as due to high frequency refreshes rates-sub second increments.

    Your thoughts, wishes are welcome.

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    The motivation behind this is that the way it is – it is already a by chance for most that say countless hours hitting refresh. The number of API calls is already significant as it is. Having it automated will spare you from eye fatigue and finger fatigue. And it will increase the chances of those adopting the app provided the APP will offer a customized/parameter driven option the user can set to Automatically accept options based on criteria. For example, run indefinetly but only accept offers with blocks posted between the hours of 4PM and 8PM, Monday thru Friday. Or for those who “Live” in the distribution center – catch and accept anything.

    Also, we are considering adding extra features such as capturing stats during your route – so you can better assess the cost/profit of driving. (Miles per hour, avg cost of fuel, geo capturing of your stopping points, or any documentation of interest that can be used for reporting purposes (and tax filing).

    Again, comments and suggestions are welcome. We want to understand what the community is looking for, and at what price we can license the app as a service to access the feasibility of this project.

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    Richard Liu

    Interested. How to get the app? Tanks

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    Thank you for the interest. We are in the early stages of development and are gathering requirements to enrich the app with features that are meaningful and of value to the Flex community. I encourage everyone who is interested to leave a comment with what you would like to see in the app. We will announce an early adopter program soon.

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    where can we download this app ?

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    Interested… where can we download this app ?

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    I’m interested put me on the list

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    Cloud Fisher

    A similar app already exists, although it’s a lot more expensive and exclusive. If you want to use it, e-mail Be prepared to show some proof of your identity and your ability to be discrete.

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    Let me know when it’s up and running please.

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    I.m interesting pls put me in list

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    michael hunt

    Count me in

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    I’m interested as well! PM me for additional details.

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    I’m very interested.

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    Thank you for everyone’s comments. We will be posting pre-release news here and on our release website soon.

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    Ken Vales

    I am interested. Flex Driver who desperately need more hours.

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    Dave Wainwright

    I am also very interested. I would pay $20 a month for such a device/option. I could just deduct the fee on my taxes. I paid like $7 a week to rent an I phone from Uber when i first drove for them. Would it have the capability to notify me when blocks have been accepted ? Like thru some type of notification ? Could i get a text notifying me that i have accepted a block ? Or could i get a tweet ? By the time i get email notifications that i have a block reserved for me, and check the App, its gone. The time delay from the time they reserve the block for me, to the time i get the email is too long so i never see it in time. Would the notifications from this App be right away ? Could it even possibly ring my phone (call me) with an automated response that i have a reserved block available ? I am not one to spend hours on the App refreshing. I just cant do it. This option would be fantastic. When do you think it will be available ? My email is: Thanks !

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    S. Tree

    Flex drivers are already fighting for blocks because people are already using third party applications. So what would be so different about this application.

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    I am interested, thanks

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    Jack Freiley

    I’m interested

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    Taghi Kiany Fard

    I’m badly interested

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    Denitrice Marks

    Let me know where to sign up ASAP

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    Cloud Fisher

    If you haven’t already, e-mail This app is for drivers who can be discrete and want to work 40 hours/week. We’ll contact you in the next few days.

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    I am interested, please advise when available.

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    I’m interested in this app, please keep me updated information

    Thank you

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    Khalil Kiwan

    I’m interested

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    Yvette Jones

    Im very interested. Please let me know how and where to sign up please.

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    Rabie Baroudi

    Iam interested to pay 18$ monthly, how I can start .
    Please advise

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    Luis Flores
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    I’m interested please send me information on how to sign up!

    Thank you

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