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    I just started getting blocks sent to after 9 months woo hoo!!! Whoa Hold it don’t start celebrating,drinking champagne or handing cigars yet I thought my dreams was finally a reality an
    boy, was i wrong its nightmare just starting ,fast forward to a couple dry ago I received an offer of 54 dollars accepted immediately when I arrived to pick up packages I was given 25 packages of a 3 hour block essentially 2 hours because of slow assignments allocation for 70 miles of driving then suddenly I got an epiphany and started calculating what im getting after my expenses 20 for gas 12 for using toll gate all this before tax I couldn’t believe I was delving 24 items for only 10 bucks yes ten bucks in all my years delivering I have never ever seen this kind of horrible exploitation by the richest company in the worLD riding on our poor backs been greedy they want keep the money for theme elves I know there’s folks out all Ready to call me am a whiner and cry baby
    so here my question would you deliver based on the information I have provided? Please reply with an honest answer, we all brothers and sisters trying to help watch other in case you don’t know Jeff bezos actually started out working at mcdonald’s so i would have thought he would be fully aware and relate what drivers are going thru

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    Based on the info you provided, no one in their right mind would. But everyone is different. My nearest hub is 33 miles, the farthest one is over 70. I try to stick with the closer ones, only one location has a toll road. That can be avoided by going an extra 5 miles around but it saves up to 45 minutes depending on traffic. I also happen to get 37mpg. So it’s a judgement call, time or money, what’s more valuable. Most routes take me 2-3 hours, I never take less than 3 hour shift so I’m often getting done early. Averaging $25 an hour with 1 hour trip each way isn’t too bad for a part time side hustle.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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