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    We offer you the service of getting those hard to get blocks in your area, with options that make you the driver be your own boss of your time, while not having to worry about being detected.

    We have been working on our custom solution for the past 2 years, having 0 issues what so ever, while the rest of the people received those nasty warnings emails from Amazon, our users have received 0.

    This is mainly because we have developed our own custom solution, and we DO NOT share any information what so every with anybody, neither our custom solution or any customer information.

    Trust me when I say this, Solutions such as Emulators, FREP, Repetitouch, Bots, are things of the past, and always were, from our point of view.

    But we are a small group, that way we make sure not everyone have our ultimate solution, and only a lucky few have the chance to be with us!.


    If you are really interested

    We can activate your 5 days free trial period, in which you can decide if we are a good fit for you. As of right now we do have openings in many areas.

    Here is what you get on that trial period

    · Get blocks while on route.

    · Select a minimum block working hour time (Only get blocks with 2 hours, or 3 hours, and up depending on you) *Subject to blocks time availability, If no blocks with 2 hours are available and you apply this option, but only 1 hour are released, you will not get those.

    · Exclude Restaurants.

    · Only Restaurants.

    · Auto Notify when a block is accepted.

    · Auto Order (Get the block with the most working hours).

    · Stop getting offer button.

    · Choose working time (select blocks from your desired schedule only).

    · Limited user allocations available per location. (Only a lucky few will have it)

    If you will like to start your free trial as soon as possible send me an email so I can send You a link with instructions and have your account set up as soon as possible and start getting those hard blocks for you

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    Cloud Fisher

    While this new service does show some promise, unfortunately GetBlocks requires you to give them your username and password. Although they say your information is kept confidential, obviously anyone who has your username and password could send your earnings to their bank account instead of yours.

    Our block grabbing service has been around a lot longer, and we do NOT require you to give us your username and password. We also let you choose the time, location and length of your blocks. There is a 4-day free trial available if you email

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    Cloud Fisher

    We don’t claim to be smarter than you, but it’s clear that many of the challenges we’ve already overcome (detection, filters, speed, billing, etc) are still ahead of you. We were the first commercial block-grabbing service.

    We also aren’t accusing you of being dishonest. But your guarantee of “100% secure” is hard to believe at a time when so many companies are being hacked every day. We don’t ask for username and password, not only because it makes things easier for our users, but because it would create legal liability for us in case that data were ever stolen by hackers.

    That said… a serious competitor in this market is long overdue, and if you can solve these basic issues then I’m sure you will have some measure of success – at least until the rug gets pulled out from under all of us 🙂

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    LOL ok take a closer look to my profile picture so you can see we offer the same filters you do on top of that again stop saying that your version is the newest version as long as you have app or anything install on the user phone is Amazon will detect it we ask the user for that info to set up the web panel and allow users to change filters , setting or start or stop the system. What really calls my atenntions is that you claim no detection I am pretty sure with 18 dollars a month’s that you charge you are not able to update your solutions plus your solutions is just another repetitouch but with filters and also to my billing is not a challenge because my users paid cause they know the solutions is worth it and It works and they all do and average of 39 hours we have more than 200 users in more than 42 states including the UK so if want to see the best solution in action with no app like yours or sofware on the user phone with email notification once a block is accepted and 24/7 support and constantly updated by programmers that we hire just let me know I will be more than happy to activate your account and remember whatever anything that is cheap is for a reason In your case I think that reason is detection or users of hours getting third parties emails so relax calm down and be transparent with users and yes we have 0 complains or reports of detection by our user the reason been is that we update our servers every night if possible to keep our 100 % no detection guarantee.

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    By the way if you are so concern about user data just email me i will buy a first class plane ticket for you to fly to where we are and pick you up and have you take a look in the way we use that information that is provided to us by ours user and we can show you how a real solution has been undetected for almost 2 years and how It will be undetected for a long time cause not like you that take people’s money and runs from site to site trying to get users and not be transparent with them like I said we have programmers that we hire working on updates every single day and we offer 24/7 support in case any oof the users have any questions or issues we will work on it fast and fix any issues is questions by our users so Mr smart pants let me know if you will like to fly in first class maybe for the first time on your life and take a look on How a real solutions is manage and how we offer the best service better than any other repetitouch copy cat like you .

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    Melinda Johnson

    I constantly refresh Ann’s cannot get blocks, what do i need to do?

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