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    This is my last ditch effort in getting real help with the app issues and other serious issues with Amazon’s process. I must be totally honest, I hate the customer service via email. I can’t express this enough. They are zero help. The automated emails do not answer my questions that are detrimental to being a driver with consistency. It is extremely difficult to be a driver with this company with no consistency. I am well aware that this is a contract position and offers no guarantees. But does this mean that my time, effort and loyalty should not be rewarded and respected. As a contract driver, do I not deserve to work in a company with consistency, fairness, transparency, respect, and above all else fairness of opportunity. We as drivers have been turned into savages, chasing the cheese waiting for our next bite, with hopes of a tasty crumb. I have been with this company since inception in the Cincinnati market. I have seen many changes, very few for the good and mostly for the bad. Allow me to take time to be extremely detailed but not too lengthy.

    Block distribution: This process is terrible. We have noticed many changes and mostly for the worst. As a contract driver, I understand with increasing demand that supply of blocks will come far and few. I understand getting blocks aren’t guaranteed, but the way the blocks are being distributed must change, so that all drivers can have a chance to capitalize. The current system must go. We as drivers want an open market of blocks. Right now under this system, we are on a tier system where a group of drivers can see blocks and other drivers cannot. This has rotated for weeks now. Some drivers will see morning blocks while other drivers may only see afternoon blocks and vice versa. Some drivers will see 9:30,11am, 11:30am blocks but we won’t see 10am, and 10:30am blocks. This system is literally all over the place. It must stop. We want a system where ALL blocks are available at one time so all drivers can see them and let the drivers go for it. For example: If you have 1,000 drivers but only distribute 500 blocks. All 1,000 drivers should be able to see those 500 blocks and let the best man win. We no longer want any tier or rotation system of any sort. We want this gone forever and never to return. Also, the drop system must go. There are times where drivers may drop a block, and later a driver schedule may change and they are able to do the block but once the block is dropped; they are not able to pick up that same block that was previously released. We need this to also go away. We need the ability to pick up all blocks at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS. A lot of us veteran drivers have been with Amazon since inception and we have been done the worst. We receive little to no blocks while the flood of new drivers receive reserve blocks almost a week out and they receive most of the day to day blocks first before the veteran drivers. We have veteran drivers that haven’t received a reserve block in over a month. This is egregious. The veteran drivers have help this business model to become what it is today and we are treated like old washed up vagabonds with no respect for our hard work and dedication to this company. (Once again, we as veteran drivers understand Amazon owes us nothing and we are contractors) but to leave us veteran drivers with little to no blocks while giving most of the work to the new drivers is absolutely egregious. This must stop at all cost. At the very least, open up the blocks for all drivers and keep it an open and free enterprise for ALL drivers.

    APP GLITCHES: We know you are well aware of the issues we deal with concerning this app with no tech support. We know you have received our emails and we know you have received our surveys and yet, the most critical part of your system is not effective but we also notice you were able to quickly fix the payment system with drivers receiving pay for going over blocks without checking in for the following block. We are beyond frustrated. This company will make a mad dash to fix their payment system so drivers aren’t over paid but take their sweet time fixing block distribution, GPS glitches, app crashes. Etc. You know we have asked you for a live support team and yet you refuse to give us what we ask for daily. You know we have real time issues with the app and yet you still ignore us. This has to stop. These automated email, have become insulting at most. They are ineffective and we have to wait days to receive a response. We are on the road right now, we are at the warehouse right now, and we can’t afford to wait days for a response. I don’t understand how we can get through to you but this needs to end. We need real time support and we need it like yesterday. The app sends us down wrong streets. One way streets, areas where houses aren’t even close. The GPS system fails completely. There are times we have to bring back packages and then get harassed why we didn’t delivery all packages and then even worst we get dinged if we bring back too many packages. What type of system is this? Furthermore, another error we don’t like with the app. We have a Seattle number. Customers will not answer our calls for fear we are a bill collector or they don’t know the number so we are ignored all together. It would be convenient if you could figure out a way to have our number come up as Amazon. Not a big issue but this does happen more than you know. Another big issue, Blocks being removed from our calendar without notice. If we have a reserve block or a set block in our calendar, the block will disappear without notice. This is happening to drivers all across the country and yet we still have no remedy and no explanation. Last but not least, we expect to receive emails of changes with blocks or removal of blocks or system changes. It is extremely rude for drivers to have to figure out this haphazard system. We are being put on a tier systems, rotation systems, morning restrictions, afternoon restrictions. Etc. and we have to figure this out on the fly with no emails on what is going on.

    Package count: This is greed at its finest. Since Amazon first started we had a manageable package count. As time has gone on, the count has increase to almost double while the pay still stays the same. The package count has become so overwhelming we can’t even fit them in our car or even worst we can’t properly see out of our mirrors which is a road hazard. For fear that we will be dinged or deactivated we do the best we can. But that isn’t good enough; we are threatened that we will be dinged if we can’t fit the packages in our car. Sure enough if we can’t fit all packages in, we get an email or worse, we are deactivated. This is insanity at best. We can’t win in a system like this. We are fighting a losing battle, and we know you know this, we know you get our emails and yet, you have not changed this process.

    Consistency in the warehouse: We have drivers that are being deactivated because Amazon does not have a system in place for check-in and people are being deactivated because of it. For example, if it’s the end of the day and the warehouse has put out more blocks then there are karts; the warehouse manager will have the driver scan in and then tell them they can leave. The response given to us by management is as follows; we are out of karts you will be paid for the day you are free to go. Let’s say this happens 3 times in one week; the driver will receive an email they are now deactivated. The email will read as follows, we noticed you signed in and not taking a kart, you are now deactivated for this. This is simply irresponsible on Amazon part. This is a billion dollar business and the most simple of task Amazon can’t seem to get right. We as drivers could understand if you were a new start up company and going through growing pains. But you know better and still refuse to do better even with the drivers telling you of their grievances. Which might I add; most are valid and require immediate attention. Drivers are being deactivated for stolen packages. We know you have received emails about this. This is 100% irresponsible when you can easily do something about this. It is not the drivers responsibility to babysit packages once we take the picture and place the package in a safe place, it is the customer responsibility, if the customer do not want this responsibility, offer them the option to buy insurance like every other delivery company (ups,usps,fed ex) etc.. Stop deactivating us for lying or thieving customers or neighbors that steal their packages. Even if the notes state “unattended” if the package is stolen, we are still held accountable. This is offensive. Your priority should be to protect us. We work for you. You and your company are throwing us under the bus and sending a clear message we are not trusted by you. If we as drivers decide to not take the chance of the package being stolen and we bring them back then we have to explain why and if its too many packages, we get a email. We as drivers are fighting a losing battle.

    Surveys: Why waste our time. You send us surveys when a flood of new drivers that don’t know any better are ask questions that you know will give you a response which is a false positive. Of course they will have nothing but positive things to say when they haven’t been around long enough to know the real issues that we face on a daily basis. You ask us question that you have already received emails about across the country. For example:

    1. Do you feel you are being treated fairly by Amazon if you do something wrong. (You already know we don’t feel like we are being treated fairly by our emails, why waste our time and ask this question.
    2. Do you feel the app works correctly if not what are your issues ( you already know our issues. we send you emails everyday by the thousands what our issues are, why waste our time)
    3. When you check in, are you able to scan your packages and get out within a reasonable time. Are you there for more than 15mins (you already know we don’t get out on time and fall behind because the warehouse opens late? Or you still have not figured out a way to scan the whole kart so we can hurry up and get out on time. Or the white vans not leaving the warehouse on time).

    My point is. Why are you wasting our time sending us surveys when you already know all the answers to question that you are asking. We know you know this. What is the point if you don’t make any changes? As I write this letter to you. My anger and frustration with this company is at an all time high. This letter is on the heart and minds to individuals across this country. We know you know this, just by the surveys you send out. We expect change, we require change, and we hold you accountable and responsible for change. Understand we are not just drivers but customers to. You have seen the revolt with drivers with Uber and lyft for unfair treatment and now Uber is doing a 180 day campaign to make things right. Jeff, don’t be like these companies. You have the opportunity to change right now before this gets any worse. Do the right thing by us and fix this system. Make things right so that everyone can have the opportunity to share in Amazon success without the stress and turmoil in this company. We will be actively waiting for your response and see what changes awaits us.

    Thank you.


    Thoughts? Feel free to add…

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    Then quit and get another job. You say you have no right to complain yet spend an entire day writing about how bad Amazon is and their system is.

    You should be grateful to even have a position with them. Sure they aren’t perfect, but name one other job you can make good money and be your own boss. Uber? Nope. Postmates? Nope. Instacart? Nope. None of them come close.

    All your complaints are minor in comparison to others out in the working world.

    Constructive criticism is one thing, going off the deep end is another. Flex is still rather new and it’s going to have issues. They’re working hard to get everything dialed in while keeping their ungrateful contractors happy. Everytime I see flex workers complain it makes my blood boil.

    If you don’t like it, QUIT. I’ll take your job right now. My girlfriend does it and she loves it. Yes the work load is rough, yes the app has issues and so does the warehouse, but she is grateful to Amazon for paying a great wage and allowing her to set her own schedule. Blocks can be frustrating but if you get up early enough and keep trying you will find one.

    All you workers need to realize you’re expendable. If you aren’t adding value, what is the point? Stop complaining and actually send something constructive. Calling them greedy and stuff is “egregious”. Go work hard labor and then see how good you have it.

    They are a great company who actually pays it’s people well and is trying their best to make sure everyone is happy.

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